"Dogs! I have two and they are real true friends"

Cristiano Ronaldo


Portugal is the oldest country in Europe…

Portugal, with its dramatic Atlantic coastline stretching more than 500 miles, reliable weather and fine seaside resorts make it one of Europe’s best destinations for a beach break…and you can take your dog! Despite the iconic history and culture, gastronomy and wines, the beaches, surfing, music festivals, the Portuguese people are affable, open and sincere. The Portuguese people really do welcome foreigners with open arms. Definitely a pet-friendly country, the Portuguese seem to have a strong affinity with our furry friends with more than half of the country’s households owning a pet. Dogs are permitted to accompany their owners into commercial establishments, which includes shops and restaurants properly marked as “pet friendly”. The abundance of public parks and beaches are perfect for taking dogs on walks and allowing them to explore nature.


Grand House Algarve

Grand House Algarve is a beautiful boutique heritage hotel that sits right on the marina, in the heart of the historic town of Vila Real de Santo António A member...

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Hotel Casa Palmela

Discover Hotel Casa Palmela, where time stands still and prepare to be utterly relaxed! And bring your dog along for the experience……Hotel Casa Palmela is pet friendly!

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The Albatroz Hotel

Forty minutes drive west of Lisbon is the coastal town of Cascais. An exquisite beach town where kings and queens used to spend the summer, it nowadays hosts the well-to-do...

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São Lourenço do Barrocal

With a history that dates back 200 years to megalithic times, the São Lourenço do Barrocal is an 810-hectare agricultural estate, which sits in Portugal's spectacular Alentejo countryside in the...

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Verride Palácio de Santa Catarina

The luxurious property of Verride Palácio Santa Catarina, a former palace turned contemporary retreat, has a privileged location, in Lisbon's historic centre and overlooking the Tagus River. Proudly pet friendly,...

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Pousada Castelo de Palmela

Occupying a strategic hilltop location between two major important rivers, Pousada Castelo de Palmela reveals layers upon layers of local history. Located in the historic Castelo de Palmela, this pet...

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Onyria Quinta Da Marinha

Onyria Quinta Da Marinha invites you to discover and dream some more and Cascais is a wonderful place to experience the authenticity and traditions of Portugal.

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